‘Il sasso nello stagno’ Visitor Center

Thoughts’ Workshop to Journey in the Park

Piazza I Novembre
32034 Pedavena (BL) | View on Map
Municipality: Pedavena

Journey is probably the first key word to understand this Visitor Center. An authentic journey, with thousands of questions on the things we see, the places we go through, the environments surrounding us. This is the reason why we will find at the entrance of the Center a “Question Machine” introducing the visit and making us understand that curiosity, with the thousands of questions we ask to ourselves and the others, is not at all a lack, but is the engine of knowledge, the reason of a real journey.

In this way you will discover that you can travel with the power of your mind and thoughts, and that from anywhere you are you can go farther (like waves on the pond’s surface) and reach great distances in time and space. You will be able to find the geological foundations of the mountains in the Park, the extraordinary variety of species living in it, and to understand that this Park is a tiny but fundamental element of the beauty and richness of the world we are everyday destroying somewhere. By activating some manual interactive machineries you will have the opportunity to discover the scientific reasons as well as the natural mechanisms which gave life to the floristic richness and rarity characterizing the park, but you will also discover many other explanations not only for your mind, but also for your heart.

For further information please contact the Park Authority

Entrance fee: Admission free.