‘Uomini di Valle Imperina’ Visitor Center

Among rivers, woodlands, and mines

Mining Village of Valle Imperina – Rivamonte Agordino
32020 Rivamonte Agordino (BL) | View on Map
Municipality: Rivamonte Agordino

The Park Visitor Center is situated in an elegant building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, originally a hydroelectric power plant for the copper mines.
The Center is dedicated to the men who lived in the valley and their work. The first section of the display focuses on the miner and the effects of the past mining and metallurgical activities on the landscape and the surrounding environment, on air, water, vegetation, and man health. The second section deals with the chair-maker profession, which in many cases used to integrate or even replace the miner’s profession.

In this sector of the center the work organization, the instruments and the techniques to build chairs and the typical jargon spoken by these men during their journeys through Italy are described. A third part of the exhibition situated on the building’s upper floor shows the legendary character of the “Om selvarech”, the protagonist of a propitiatory spring rite and cultural hero who reveals people some significant secrets concerning the milk processing.

The structure is condemned, due to damage caused by bad weather at the end of October 2018

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