Museo Naturalistico Dolomiti Bellunesi

Piazza Piloni, 25
32100 Belluno (BL) | View on Map
Municipality: Belluno

Situated in a wing of the former fire station, renovated by the Park thanks to a co-financing provided by the Region Venetia, this small nature museum is dedicated to the flora and vegetation of the Park.
The Museum was equipped to contain and enhance important herbaria; it features multimedia tools, scientific and didactic equipment and a specialized library.
The museum hall can be also used as a conference hall.

The heart of the museum is made up of herbaria, the result of collections conducted by illustrious botanists in the Belluno Dolomites.
The oldest herbarium is that of Alessandro Francesco Sandi, which dates back to the first half of the XIX century; more recent is the collection of Francesco Caldart, made in the mid-1900s; both collections are owned by the Municipality of Belluno.
The most recent and numerically largest herbarium (about 25,000 sheets) is that of Cesare Lasen, owned by the Cariverona Foundation.
The scanned herbarium sheets can be consulted in two computer stations, without changing the conservation of the specimens. Checklists and databases relating to the flora and vegetation of the park can also be consulted from the same locations.

Environmental education and Multimedia
The museum is a multifunctional structure, able not only to preserve naturalistic collections, but also to host environmental education activities and to provide tourist information.
Interactive digital screens illustrate the floristic richness of the Park, the mechanisms that have generated so much biodiversity and tell the story of the floristic exploration of these places, from the XV century to the present day.
A special multimedia section provides tourist information, with detailed information on itineraries on foot, by bike, on horseback, as well as information on the individual tourist and accommodation facilities of the Park.
All tourist information can also be downloaded as a free APP for smartphones.

The Museum is open every Monday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For school groups it is possible to carry out guided visits on demand, by previous agreement with teachers.

For further information and bookings: Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park Authority – Ph. +39 0439 3328 –

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